Spotlight: Cartier Tank Solo

As a college student, my day-to-day outfits are defined by comfort and versatility. Whether it be taking Zoom classes from home or coming into the 25 Dials office, I need pieces in my wardrobe that I can practically and cost-effectively incorporate into my everyday life. 

However, that doesn’t mean I don’t splurge on items. Things like comfortable shoes, a good ol’ pair of vintage Levi’s, or a staple pair of gold hoop earrings are items that I can justify investing a lot of money in. In fact, I wholeheartedly recommend doing so; why spend lots of money replacing commodities when you can buy a high-quality piece that will last a lifetime? Of course, this calls for a spotlight on my trusty, everyday watch, the Cartier Tank Solo.

 Invented in 1917, the iconic Cartier Tank derives its name and design from the Renault FT-17, a French tank utilized during the first World War. Six different collections of the classic watch have been created, but the rectangular case and roman numerals decorating the dial remain in all designs. The Cartier Tank frequently embellishes the wrists of famous faces, from First Lady Michelle Obama to rock legend Mick Jagger.

My particular watch features silver hardware and a worn, brown leather strap with a stainless steel deployment clasp. For a small wrist like mine, it fits perfectly; it’s snug but allows some room for movement. A single blue sapphire adorns the case, and the blued-steel, sword-shaped hands finish off the piece.

It’s no wonder that the Tank has hung onto its prominence for over 100 years now; it’s timeless, classic and adaptable to any outfit. The Tank Solo is a practical, investment piece for someone with a style like mine: simple and basic while accessorizing with pops of color or jewelry. 

In this particular outfit, I wore a white, buttoned tank top from Brandy Melville with brown corduroy pants from BDG. On my feet, I wore some white Nike AF1’s, but any type of comfy sneakers will do. Other days, I might switch out for a pair of bluejeans and black, high-top Chucks or a pair of fitted sweatpants and Birkenstock Bostons. For all of these, I would wear my everyday jewelry of a dainty, gold necklace and gold hoop earrings: simple and basic. The Tank Solo is easy to style; you just throw it on, and its modern but modest elements complete the look.

Overall, I highly recommend the coveted Cartier Tank Solo. It is, by and large, the best entry level Cartier collection for those balling on a budget. Although its notoriety is derived from being a proper dress watch, this enthusiast enjoys the elegance and sophistication of the Tank Solo in a not-so-elegant-or-sophisticated college lifestyle.