About us

25 Dials is a community formed by two people who have discovered joy and value in a fleeting, analog lifestyle.

Explore our page or look no further than your grandfather’s watch box. You may stumble upon the same charm that we find in designs of the past or the warm remnants of a different lifetime.

In the midst of our increasingly fast-paced world and
mass-produced culture, it is becoming more difficult to find those objects with distinct histories and character that make us feel a little different – a little more ourselves.

Each watch on our page holds a unique story that only it can tell through its small nicks and fading colors. Many were used by people like you and I to tell the time at work, make it home in time for dinner, and celebrate the small and big moments of their lives. We hope to help you find one that will begin to follow you in your daily life, one that you can look back on in the future and proudly pass on.

Whether you are new to this analog world or already share our love for vintage watches, we hope this community can help you experience our collective passion for these small pockets of enthusiasm.